Data source

CFG(Consortium for Functional Glycomics) Glycan Profilling data

Tissue name (number of data)

Human Mouse(Wild Type)
Heart (50) Brain (58)
Large Bowel (143) Large Bowel (58)
Liver (57) Cornea (76)
Lung (104) Heart (48)
Lymph Node (47) Kidney (57)
Pancreas (20) Liver (36)
Skin (48) Lung (57)
Small Bowel (44) Ovaries (25)
Spleen (52) Small Bowel (44)
Spleen (56)
Testes (35)
Thymus (69)

Mapping data of human serum data was from Dr. Shunji Natsuka of Niigata University, Japan

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