• 2/2021: The RINGS server has finally passed on, and its remnants have been rearranged into a Dockerized server.
  • 1/2017: HTML5 version of DrawRINGS released.
  • 1/2017: Updated GPP Tool released.
  • 12/2016: TED-MCAW released.
  • 4/2016: GlycomeAtlas V4 made available. Now possible to visualize glycans in all types of samples and organisms, and in subtissues, along with weights.
  • 2/2015: GlycomeAtlas V3 made available - including links to GlyTouCan and CFG, and profile visualization.
  • 12/2014: New Convert Tool made available - universal glycan format converter
  • 6/2014: mobileRINGS iPhone App available from App Store.
  • 11/2013: Glycome Atlas version 2 is now available.
  • 6/2013: LinearCode to KCF has been udpated to handle question marks for unknown linkage information.
  • 4/2013: IUPAC to KCF has been udpated, and GlycoCT{condensed} to KCF has been added to the list of utilities.
  • 12/2012: Accident caused half of RINGS' files to be deleted. Backup restored from May, 2012 with some modifications from the beginning of November.
  • 8/2012: GlycomeAtlas Tool has been released and published.
  • 11/2011: Bug fixes; better error checking (Glycan Miner); IUPAC to KCF; spam-proofing user registration.
  • 2/2011: Bug fixes; feedback system updated.
  • 12/2010: Major revision of RINGS released! New user and data management system, etc.
  • 9/2008: KCaM tool added to Downloads page.
  • 9/2008: Article on glycome informatics by Matthew Dublin appeared in Genome Technology magazine.
  • 7/2008: DrawRINGS feature added: core structures may be selected and automatically drawn on the canvas.
  • 4/2008: Microarray prediction tool (named GlycoXSP here) source code made available under BSD license.
  • 11/2007: LINUCS to GLYDE conversion tool made available.
  • 11/2007: Microarray prediction tool is updated to use algorithm by Suga et al. (Genome Informatics, 2007).
  • 7/2007: Updated interface to RINGS
  • 7/2007: CAZy data integrated into database
  • 6/2007: Kernel tool updated to display most characteristic features learned from input data, reflecting putative glycan biomarkers.
  • 5/2007: glycosciences.de data integrated into database containing KEGG glycan data
  • 2006: RINGS goes online, with BLAST search, DrawRINGS glycan drawing and 2D search tool, and utilities to convert between KCF and LINUCS formats.