The function of the carbohydrate chain

The carbohydrate chain is connected to most protein and lipids in the living body. The carbohydrate chain is recognized that there are various roles such as immunity, intracellular transport, activity control, and the resolution of the material. For example, the blood type is fixed by the structure of the carbohydrate chain.

However, we cannot analyze the carbohydrate chain structure by the conventional technique. Therefore, we analyze the carbohydrate chain structure with technique such as theory of computation or the data mining and aim at clarifying the complicated function of the carbohydrate chain.

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The development of the website for carbohydrate chain informatics

We analyze all carbohydrate chains (glycome) which there is in the living body with the technology (informatics) of the PC cyclopedically and going to understand the work of the carbohydrate chain.And develop website "RINGS" for carbohydrate chain informatics.

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